Student Employment Information

Welcome to employment at Moody!  These pages outline basic employment guidelines for student employees. You may also contact Human Resources at (312) 329-4237 or visit us on the first floor of Crowell Hall.

We trust that your work experience provides you with not only material support, but learning opportunities as well.  As you carry out your duties and navigate work schedules, department expectations and work relationships, may the Lord bless the work of your hands and enable you to serve Him well.


Click  2023 Chicago Labor Poster  for current pay rate.

Click Student Job Opportunities for the current job opening list. 

The department's Hiring Manager will view all applications that are submitted for the position.  If the manager is interested in pursuing you as a top candidate, he/she will contact you for an interview. If the decision is made to hire you, a Student Employment Authorization Form (SEAF) will need to be submitted and new hire paperwork completed.  This includes the Federal W-4 Form, State W-4 Form and the I-9 Form.  Come to the Human Resources (HR) office to pick up the forms and receive help with the paperwork.  Once the documents are submitted, along with showing your government-issued IDs, an employee record will be entered for you in HR and Payroll in two days. 

The busiest hiring season is the start of the Fall Semester.  With the high volume of hiring student employees, more time is needed to process all the paperwork, so the turn-around time may be longer than two days. Tip: Submit your forms immediately to speed the process and receive your pay on time.

Work Schedule and Attendance

Department supervisors generally accommodate class schedules when scheduling work times.  They should have your schedule from your application, but an open communication of your scheduling needs is important.  Once a schedule is set, keep the schedule and report to work on time in a consistent manner. If for some reason you anticipate you will be unable to attend work, notify your supervisor as soon as possible so he/she can provide coverage for the work unit in your absence.

When you accept a position as a student employee at Moody, technically student employment is granted on a semester-by-semester basis (see the note on the SEAF next to your signature).  However, most work commitments to a department are for the school year unless otherwise agreed upon with your supervisor.

Benefits – Chicago Paid Sick Leave

Starting July 1, 2020, all MBI part-time employees (student workers, PT-professionals, and adjunct faculty) who are working within the Chicago city limits, will begin to earn one hour of sick time for every 40 hours worked to a maximum of 40 total hours within a 12-month period.  Click here  Chicago Paid Sick Leave Notice for more details.

Pay Periods

Pay periods run on a bi-weekly schedule.  Please see the Payroll Calendar for specific time report dates and paydays.  The Payroll FAQ Sheet contains information related to clocking in and out of your job, direct deposit, etc.

Workplace Attire

For part-time employees who are full-time Moody students, the guidelines for workplace attire are the same the guidelines for other employees in the department.  Please consult your department supervisor for guidance on departmental standards. For the full dress code policy, please see Moody Workplace Attire.

NOTE: Please ask your supervisor for appropriate dress for the job you have been hired to perform.

Termination of Employment

If you decide to leave your present position, please communicate your departure with your department supervisor with two weeks' notice before your last day of employment.  The supervisor must process termination so that your Moody employee accounts are closed properly and theDaily announcements cease to clutter your email.

Involuntary dismissal is possible if there are issues of tardiness, inappropriate attire, poor job performance, insubordination, etc. Verbal and written warnings are given to an employee before actual termination. Being dismissed from a job could affect future employment on the campus. Your supervisors are willing to work with you as long as you communicate with them.

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