Request for Off-Site Training Assistance

Outside training courses are invaluable sources for new ideas and practical insights. Your participation will benefit the Institute greatly. In the Training and Development Dept., our goal is to encourage MBI employees to proactively improve their work effectiveness.

There are three key ways that eSource can support this goal through the use of external seminars:

  • Choosing a Seminar: We maintain a library of external seminar offerings and keep files of reviews made by previous MBI seminar attendees.
  • Covering Costs: We will pay for up to 50% of the costs of external seminars. The remaining costs are to be covered by your department's budget. As this is not an unlimited budget, we will have to apply a maximum assistance threshold per course, individual, and/or department for the sake of equity .
  • Bringing It Home: When appropriate, we will bring certain external seminars on campus for the sake of cost savings and the convience of MBI employees.

You are responsible for registration and payment to the vendor. Training and Development will complete an internal transfer requision to reimburse your department once we receive your evaluation of the seminar.

If you or one of your team members would like to attend an external seminar, please provide the following information. Participation in external seminars is subject to the approval of the department head or chair and Lud Anderson, Training and Development Department Manager. 

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